PANOORIN: Isang snatcher ang bugbog sarado matapos macorner ng taong bayan.

Citizens in Pedro Gil took matters into their own hands as they mugged a snatcher who attempted to steal from jeepney passengers.

The video

The video sent to Pilipino Star Ngayon started with the passengers alighting the jeepney and a man in a jersey waiting at the end of the jeepney for the snatcher who didn’t want to go down.

The man decided to pull the snatcher down and started raining punches on him. The snatcher tried to bail and run but he was held by the people.

Other men also started to throw punches at the snatcher who took refuge at a nearby street stall.

Royal Rumble

No amount of begging spared the snatcher as more than half a dozen men started to mug the defenseless snatcher.

They continued to beat him up until he was lying bloodied on the ground. People were asking what he stole. Someone said he only stole coins from one passenger, however the question of what he had stolen before and if he will just repeat what he did arose.

Netizens React

The netizens surprisingly called out to those who were trying to stop the men from hurting the snatcher. Majority of the comments are saying that they shouldn’t have let the snatcher live.

Nobody thought of bringing him to the police station, therefore, after recovering from the bruises and injury, who is to say that he won’t just repeat the criminal things he has been doing.

One netizen specifically said that they shouldn’t be stopping the men even if he was just able to snatch coins. For the sake of the cellphones and other things that he has stolen in the past.

Watch the video here:

Source: Facebook

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